The Need for College Ministry eBook

College ministry is one of three reasons I'm a Christ follower today. In this new book, Neil practically lays out a blueprint for communities of faith passionate in connecting to the emerging generation. You and your church will be more equipped after you engage this book.

Dr. Josh Graves, Lead Minister, Otter Creek Church

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What People Are Saying

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    Chris Buxton

    Director, WolfLIFE Campus Ministry, Arkansas State University

    "Having led a campus ministry most of my adult life, I wholeheartedly agree with Neil that ministry to college students is absolutely one of the most fruitful and dynamic fronts for kingdom expansion and disciple-making. In this book, Neil has powerfully--yet concisely--articulated this need. This book should be required reading for any future or current church leader!"

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    Paul Worcester

    Director of Christian Challenge at Chico State University, Author of Tips for Starting a College Ministry

    "The College campus is one of the most open and strategic mission fields on earth! College students are the future leaders of this generation. Every Christian leader should read this eBook and ask The Lord how they can help multiply disciples on campus and send them to the ends of the earth."

  • Dusty Breeding

    Campus Minister, Pepperdine University

    "Neil redirects the message of the Great Commission into the heart of the university campus in a compelling way. If  you're not inspired by campus ministry, you will be by the time you finish this book."

Take A Glimpse Inside The Book

You’ll Learn...

  1. How great the need is for college ministry is in some denominations in Amerca.
  2. What makes millennials so difficult to reach.
  3. Why university campuses are some of the most receptive mission fields in the world.
  4. The role universities have played in significant movements throughout Christian history.
  5. Why training leaders is a crucial strategic step for reaching univeristy campuses.

About The Author

Neil Reynolds is the director of the Church of Christ Student Center at Arkansas Tech University, the Pathways director for Kairos Church Planting, and a board member for Campus for Christ. He writes regularly at

Neil works with the West Side Church of Christ in Russellville, Arkansas. He is married to Katie and they have two children.

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