3 Reasons College Students Walk Away from Faith

This is a guest post by Corey Harrison, one of the apprentices in the campus ministry I lead. “I’m not a Christian anymore.” For many in today’s church, these are more than just words. They conjure up painful memories, faces and names of people who once held vibrant faiths, but who now want little or nothing to do with church. … Read more →

5 Requests for the Sake of College Ministers Everywhere

This is a guest post by Chase Abner. Chase is the associate director of The Salt Company, a campus ministry at Iowa State University. Chase also is an editor for Collegiate Collective. “One thing about which fish know exactly nothing is water, since they have no anti-environment which would enable them to perceive the element they live in.” — Marshall McLuhan… Read more →

The Way We Think About Church Leadership is Incomplete

My guess is that you’re looking to maximize your disciple making impact on the world. Some of you have even told me that. For the church to maximize its impact in the 21st century, we need to make an important shift. Steve Cloer recently used three metaphors to describe this shift: a lizard, a sailboat, and a terminal.  Carey Neiuwhof… Read more →

6 Reasons Why College Ministry is Like Church Planting

A few months ago I wrote about a new wrinkle to my current work when I joined the Kairos Church Planting Team on a part time basis. As part of that role I’m going to do some writing for them. This week I published my first article on their site. Click here to read 6 Reasons Why College Ministry is Like Church Planting.… Read more →

2 Questions I Ask Every Time I Teach

If you’re like me there will be times when you prepare to teach when things just click. Then, there are times when things don’t come easily at all. I love those times but, for me, those are few and far between. When I preach on Sundays I get up early, go to my office, and spend a few hours fine… Read more →

3 Roles Every Ministry Needs to Fill

Several years I ago I was invited to a meeting for local pastors. As I listened, two things were clear. Some of the pastors had a system and strategy that guided their work and I had neither. Some of these leaders talked about models. Others were working plans. I kept racking my brain for something I could say that would… Read more →

What Are You Willing to Risk to Reach New People?

This is a guest post by Preston Conder, one of the apprentices in the campus ministry I lead.  How far would you be willing to go to do something you loved? After playing three seasons of college football I quit because I had dreams of becoming the youngest offensive coordinator in college football history.  I transferred universities which meant leaving… Read more →

My Favorite Pictures from Nicaragua

In July Katie and I had the thrill of traveling to Nicaragua with Christian Relief Fund. It was CRF’s first group trip to Nicaragua. Our plan is to take a group of college students back in the summer of 2017. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the trip… Read more →

A New Addition to Our Current Ministry

I work with a fantastic church, the West Side Church of Christ, leading the CCSC, a ministry that’s had a profound impact on me. We love where we are. Especially in recent months, Katie and I feel like God is doing something special here. It’s a huge blessing to love what you do. It’s doubly huge to love the people… Read more →

3 Reasons Why it’s Critical to Start New Campus Ministries

There’s a shift coming in the way we do ministry in the U.S. As our culture becomes less and less Christian we’ll have to become more comfortable starting things from scratch, reaching new people. Ministry will take on more of an entrepreneurial feel. I recently had a phone conversation with Alex Absalom about starting missional communities. He captured this idea… Read more →

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