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You Don’t Have to be the Apostle Paul to Do This

Eden’s school participated in Operation Christmas Child this year. She seemed to love the entire process until we were on our way to school the day she was supposed to drop the box off. She had some last minute doubts. Eden was excited about this for weeks. She picked out everything at the store and included some of her old… Read more →

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3 Reasons Why Many Young Adults Don’t Want to be Christians

Working on a college campus is great! There’s rarely a dull moment. There are so many people from diverse backgrounds that you never know what kinds of conversations you might have. I experienced this first hand a few weeks ago. A journalism student randomly dropped by our campus house and wanted to interview me for a paper he was writing.… Read more →

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How to Restore the New Testament Church — 4 Steps from a Presbyterian

As a lifelong participant in the Restoration Movement, I was intrigued recently when I heard Tim Keller (Redeemer Presbyterian Church) talk about restoring the New Testament Church. I was listening to a series he preached in 1990 called “Blueprint for Revival.” The restoration language along with the blueprint/pattern language (Goebel Music, anyone?!) grabbed my attention. The message was about “the internal spiritual… Read more →

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The One Thing We All Need in Order to Learn to Follow Jesus

I’ve written before that church will be perpetually frustrating unless you make the shift from thinking selfishly to thinking selflessly. Every growing disciple will eventually make the shift from being selfish to selfless. I have to admit, it’s not very helpful to just identify the problem. It’s only fair to offer some help for arriving at a better future. If… Read more →

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What Everyone Ought to Know About History & Movements of God

I love older people. I have fond memories of playing cards with my grandmothers and great aunts growing up. One of my most prized possessions is a Bible that belonged to my Memaw. I even worked at a nursing home during college! I’ve enjoyed the wisdom and guidance of those who are older than me. I like being with people… Read more →


5 Lessons Learned While Starting a Campus Ministry

This is a guest post by Morgan Hines. Morgan is the campus minister at Genesis Campus Ministry at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Morgan and I worked together for one year before he moved to Little Rock to start Genesis.  Five years ago I was 20 years old, newly married, half-way through an engineering degree, and I thought I… Read more →

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4 Things You Can Do Today (And Everyday) to Make Disciples

You’ve most likely heard of the great commission (Mt. 28:19-20). This is Jesus command to all of his followers to make other followers, or disciples. But, practically, how do you do that? For some reason, we expect to know how to make disciples without being taught. In the gospels the apostles repeatedly struggled to understand what it meant to follow Jesus…and… Read more →

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What Every Christian Ought to Know About Doubt

As a college student, I nearly lost my faith. It was my sophomore year in college and I was scared because I didn’t want to feel how I was feeling. For the first time in my life, I was having significant doubts about whether or not God exists. I didn’t realize it at the time but these kinds of doubts… Read more →

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Church Will be Perpetually Frustrating Unless This One Thing Changes

It’s fascinating to me that two people can experience the same thing in opposite ways. For instance, one person might hear a sermon and say, “That was the best message I’ve ever heard,” while someone else will say, “I didn’t get anything out of it.” As a campus minister I hear things like… “I wouldn’t be who I am without… Read more →