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Free: All of my Notes on the Book of Acts

Nearly all disciple making movements start with desperate prayer and they start among young people. I noticed this over and over again when I was studying to teach through the book of Acts. So, I want you to have my notes from that series. Enter your email address into the form below and you’ll get… Notes from 27 messages about… Read more →


3 Reasons We Must Train New Collegiate Leaders

My second article of the year for Collegiate Collective is being published this week. It’s about something I love, training leaders. If every campus minister took two years to train a future campus minister, the number of ministries would double. There are at least three other reasons why it’s important to train future campus ministers… Opportunities for training are limited.… Read more →


What This Barna Report Means for the Young & the Old

I have fond memories of playing Skip-bo with my great grandmother and two of my great aunts when I was a kid. As a college student I worked in a nursing home. I’ve been a part of multi-generation churches my whole life. I truly love and appreciate older people. As much as I value the generations ahead of me, one… Read more →


5 Things You Can Do This Week to Prioritize Disciple Making

In the fall of 2013 our campus ministry’s large group gathering was growing but we weren’t sure if we were making disciples. In one staff meeting I asked, “How many of the 125 students we see each week are fully committed disciples?” When the best guess was, “5 or 6,” I knew we had a lot of work to do.… Read more →


What Makes Jesus Angry?

Is it wrong to be angry? No, it’s not. Anger is neutral, it’s neither right nor wrong. Jesus got angry. And, we can learn a lot by paying attention to what made Jesus angrier than anything else. It’s hard to imagine that Jesus wasn’t at least a little angry when he called some Pharisees snakes, hypocrites, and white washed tombs (Matthew… Read more →

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The Gigantic Hole in Our Worship

I was recently at a worship gathering where one of the speakers said something like, “If you’re struggling with depression, when you meet Jesus he’ll take it away.” This bothered me for several reasons. Mainly, it bothered me because it just isn’t true. Maybe it’s not accurate to say “It’s not true.” It may be true for some people. But,… Read more →


The 4 Things I Think About When Choosing Leaders

One of my favorite parts about campus ministry is working with a team. I got my start in ministry as a student intern in our campus ministry. It was a great experience. As the leader, there are few decisions more important than who I bring into leadership. During the spring semester, my mind goes to next year’s leadership team. I’m… Read more →


The One Thing Jesus Talked About Most

I recently heard that most preachers would rather teach on hell than finances. But, Jesus talked about money a lot. In fact, you could make a case that money was Jesus’ favorite thing to talk about. Jesus talked about money more than anything else… 16 of the 38 parables are about money or use a financial metaphor; that amounts to… Read more →


Two Statements You Won’t Find in the New Testament

I have deep roots in the American Restoration Movement. We talk a lot about restoring the NT church. But, there’s one thing we all need to recapture. The earliest Christians lived with a sense of mission. They also had an intense urgency when it came to accomplishing their mission of making disciples of all nations. Of all the things we… Read more →


The One Thing Every Follower of Jesus Needs to Do

In most churches or ministries there’s no shortage of things to do. In fact, you could probably be busy every night of the week doing something. But, there’s only one thing Jesus commissioned his followers to do. It’s one of Jesus’ last recorded statements. Many of you will know it well. We refer to it as the great commission… “All… Read more →