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6 Reasons Why College Ministry is Like Church Planting

A few months ago I wrote about a new wrinkle to my current work when I joined the Kairos Church Planting Team on a part time basis. As part of that role I’m going to do some writing for them. This week I published my first article on their site. Click here to read 6 Reasons Why College Ministry is Like Church Planting.… Read more →


2 Questions I Ask Every Time I Teach

If you’re like me there will be times when you prepare to teach when things just click. Then, there are times when things don’t come easily at all. I love those times but, for me, those are few and far between. When I preach on Sundays I get up early, go to my office, and spend a few hours fine… Read more →


3 Roles Every Ministry Needs to Fill

Several years I ago I was invited to a meeting for local pastors. As I listened, two things were clear. Some of the pastors had a system and strategy that guided their work and I had neither. Some of these leaders talked about models. Others were working plans. I kept racking my brain for something I could say that would… Read more →


A New Addition to Our Current Ministry

I work with a fantastic church, the West Side Church of Christ, leading the CCSC, a ministry that’s had a profound impact on me. We love where we are. Especially in recent months, Katie and I feel like God is doing something special here. It’s a huge blessing to love what you do. It’s doubly huge to love the people… Read more →


3 Reasons Why it’s Critical to Start New Campus Ministries

There’s a shift coming in the way we do ministry in the U.S. As our culture becomes less and less Christian we’ll have to become more comfortable starting things from scratch, reaching new people. Ministry will take on more of an entrepreneurial feel. I recently had a phone conversation with Alex Absalom about starting missional communities. He captured this idea… Read more →


One of the Disciplines that has Helped Me Most

I once read that John Maxwell planned his family vacations near great leaders. The purpose was to spend an hour of his vacation, at lunch, asking someone he looked up to questions. That made an impression on me. I’ve heard other people talk about similar disciplines. An older friend once encouraged me to pick someone I respect and offer them… Read more →


One of the Best Things You Can Do for the People You Lead

Several years ago I read Overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership for a graduate school class. It’s about those areas of vulnerability we all have. Without self awareness and accountability those weak areas can lead to all kinds of bad stuff. The book came with an inventory to identify your particular area of vulnerability. When I took it years ago… Read more →


3 Qualities I’ve Noticed in the Leaders I Admire Most

I’ve written before that I love to read leadership books. One of the first I remember reading is The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell. As long as I can remember I’ve tried to watch leaders closely and learn as much I can. There are a lot of things that make a great leader. So, it’s probably not… Read more →


Free: All of my Notes on the Book of Acts

Nearly all disciple making movements start with desperate prayer and they start among young people. I noticed this over and over again when I was studying to teach through the book of Acts. So, I want you to have my notes from that series. Click the button below, fill in the form, and you’ll get… Notes from 27 messages about the… Read more →


3 Reasons We Must Train New Collegiate Leaders

My second article of the year for Collegiate Collective is being published this week. It’s about something I love, training leaders. If every campus minister took two years to train a future campus minister, the number of ministries would double. There are at least three other reasons why it’s important to train future campus ministers… Opportunities for training are limited.… Read more →