One Thing I’m Incredibly Thankful For

There are many things I’m thankful for. I won’t try to list them all. But, there’s one thing I’m incredibly thankful for that I don’t often stop to reflect on.


I love being around other leaders. God has blessed me with many friends in ministry that I admire and respect. I’m incredibly thankful for these relationships.

I’ve been reflecting on these friendships in recent days as I’ve been launching my new eBook (get a free chapter here). These friends were gracious enough to read an advance copy of the eBook and offer an endorsement. Here’s what a few of them said…

“In this new book, Neil practically lays out a blueprint for communities of faith passionate in connecting to the emerging generation. You and your church will be more equipped after you engage this book.” — Dr. Josh Graves, Lead Minister, Otter Creek Church


“The college campus is one of the most open and strategic mission fields on earth! Every Christian leader should read this ebook and ask The Lord how they can help multiply disciples on campus and send them to the ends of the earth.” — Paul Worcester, Director of Christian Challenge at Chico State University and Author of Tips for Starting a College Ministry 


“I don’t know of a better ministry than campus ministry to reach the world for Christ. And I don’t know of a better person to motivate us and tell us how to do it than Neil Reynolds. His book is interesting, informative, inspiring, and important.” — Milton Jones, President, Christian Relief Fund


“Neil redirects the message of the Great Commission into the heart of the university campus in a compelling way.  If you’re not inspired by campus ministry, you will be by the time you finish this book.” Dusty Breeding, Campus Minister, Pepperdine University


“Having led a campus ministry most of my adult life, I wholeheartedly agree with Neil that ministry to college students is absolutely one of the most fruitful and dynamic fronts for kingdom expansion and disciple-making. In this book, Neil has powerfully–yet concisely–articulated this need. This book should be required reading for any future or current church leader!” — Chris Buxton, Director, WolfLIFE Campus Ministry, Arkansas State University


“Neil Reynolds prophetically asks the church a vital question…  ‘If the university is one of the most receptive mission fields in the world, why aren’t we there?’  It’s not only the right question to ask, it’s the right question to act upon. The church would be wise to read this book, to ask themselves the same question, and to act upon the wisdom and the praxis offered so clearly and courageously in this book.” — Rob Touchstone, Founder of The Well Coffee House


“Neil’s passion for campus ministry comes through clearly in this book. We need campus ministries to engage our culture in its rapid transition towards a post-christian society. And we need campus ministries to reach the increasing number of emerging adults who aren’t believers. Neil’s book explains this well. I hope every church leader will read this book.” Micah Cobb, Campus Minister, Auburn University


“Neil Reynolds has written a helpful ebook exploring why campus ministries continue to be essential in today’s post-Christian culture and how your church can take advantage of these frontline efforts.” Chris Altrock, senior preaching minister, Highland Church of Christ, Memphis TN


“Pointed, purposeful, and practical. Make no mistake about it, this book is a call to action. Neil Reynolds seeks to enliven the missional heart in everyone while inviting us to one of the liveliest frontiers of discipleship: The College Campus.” Chris Shields II, Campus Minster/Assistant Dean of Spiritual Formation, Rochester College

Just click the button below to preorder the book.


What’s something you’re thankful for? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment below.

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