Free: All of my Notes on the Book of Acts

Nearly all disciple making movements start with desperate prayer and they start among young people. I noticed this over and over again when I was studying to teach through the book of Acts. So, I want you to have my notes from that series.


Click the button below, fill in the form, and you’ll get…

    • Notes from 27 messages about the spread of the 1st century church (22 from Acts & 5 on Paul’s prayers in the New Testament)
    • MP3’s of each message
    • Artwork
    • A list of resources

I Want These Resources

I taught this series along with our two campus ministry apprentices, Corey Harrison and Preston Conder, who helped to develop the series, too. I also want to give a shout out to Caleb Harris, founder of Olive Tree, for creating the artwork.

Disclaimer: I believe with all my heart that teaching should be spirit led. God teaches us and we share it. Teaching needs to flow from our hearts. I want these resources to be a blessing to you. But, I hope you’ll use them as a guide and not as a script. Allow God’s spirit to work through you as you teach. Allow God to speak out of the overflow of your heart. My hope is that these resources will help get the ball rolling for you.

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