The 4 Things I Think About When Choosing Leaders

One of my favorite parts about campus ministry is working with a team. I got my start in ministry as a student intern in our campus ministry. It was a great experience. As the leader, there are few decisions more important than who I bring into leadership.



During the spring semester, my mind goes to next year’s leadership team. I’m always looking for potential leaders but I start to look more intentionally in the spring. I know intuitively what I’m looking for but have never (until now) written my criteria down.

There are four key things I’m looking for in the people we ask to be on our leadership team…

1. Faithfulness

It all starts with faithfulness. I’m looking for someone who is deeply committed to God. I want to see them put their faith into action. 

I’m looking for someone who’s faithful in all areas of their life. I want to have responsible people on our team. As a campus minister, I want to know if they regularly attend class. If they aren’t faithful in the small, simple things, I’m not interested.

I think being a hard worker falls into the “faithfulness” category, too. I don’t want to work with people who lack motivation. Being a self motivated, hard worker is important to me.

2. Teachability

Next, I’m looking for someone who is open to being taught. I want to see a humble, learner’s attitude. My goal is to disciple everyone on our team. This makes teachability a must.

I can tell someone is teachable when they ask questions. This tells me they want to learn. It’s also easy to see when someone is intently listening or not. Most importantly, I want to see them taking action on the things we talk about.

3. Relational Connection

Anyone can be faithful and teachable. But, I’m also looking for someone who I have a relational connection with. This is a fact: we all connect more easily with some people. I want to have a natural connection with my teammates.

Obviously, there’s a balance to this. All meaningful relationships take work. I’m not talking about avoiding the difficult aspects of those deep relationships.

I am talking about paying attention to those people who are faithful and teachable that I connect with easily. I ask myself questions like…

“Do I enjoy this person? Do I want to spend a lot of time around them?”

4. Talent

Natural ability factors in to my decision. Faithfulness and teachability are most important. You’ll most likely regret bringing on a talented person who lacks faithfulness and humility. But, giftedness has to factor in

Not everyone can or should be a ministry leader. One of the primary ways to ensure that a ministry is spirit led is by empowering people to use their God given spiritual gifts. I’m afraid we short circuit the spirit’s power when we ignore people’s spiritual gifts.

Faithfulness, teachability, and relational connection are all important factors. But, I also want to identify people who are gifted.

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