The Resolution I’m Most Excited About & How it Will (Hopefully) Help You

I made a few New Year’s Resolutions. But, there’s one I’m really excited about. I’m going to be giving more away in 2016 than I ever have before.



Last year I relaunched my blog with the goal to share as much as I possibly could. Part of the inspiration came from an article written by Tim Casteel called The Glaring Weakness of College Ministers. The weakness? Not sharing.

“But here’s the weakness I’ve seen in college ministry. Very few are taking notes on what they’re doing, much less sharing them with others.” — Tim Casteel

My Resolution

In 2016, I plan to share my notes from every message I teach here on my blog. I’ve debated about whether or not I should do this and ultimately decided that I would. Here are four things I want you to know about my thought process…

1. My notes aren’t great.

I’m not suggesting that my teaching or my notes are superior. I’m not saying they’re great. I’m not even saying they’re good. I’m simply following through on the commitment to share everything I can.

I’m going to create these notes whether they’re posted anywhere or not. In fact, I have hundreds of documents on my computer that no one has seen but me. I figured if posting them here could help someone, I might as well share them.

2. Pease don’t plagiarize.

My biggest hesitancy when it came to sharing my notes is that I don’t want anyone to teach, verbatim, what I’ve taught. If you teach regularly, allow God’s spirit to lead you. Don’t short change the spirit’s work by copying what the spirit led someone else to say.

But, when I considered the amount of sermons online it’s clear that copying another teacher’s work is really easy. I’m not going to cause the flood gates to open by posting my notes here.

If someone’s going to lie — and that IS what happens when you plagiarize — I’m probably not going to stop them. I decided not to let that keep me from sharing.

3. This is something I’d like someone else to do.

When I was thinking about whether or not I should post my notes here I asked myself: What would I want someone else to do? I thought about all of the teachers I respect and decided it would be really helpful to see the notes they use.

Obviously, I wouldn’t want to copy their work. But, I would love to see how they organize their thoughts. I’m sharing my notes because I’d like to see other people’s notes. I’m doing for others what I would like someone else to do for me.

4. I don’t know anyone else who’s doing this.

I’m sure someone else out there shares their notes but I don’t know who they are. Point me in their direction if you know someone who’s sharing on this level. To Tim’s point, I would love for this site to become a place for sharing resources.

I’m going to share. Will you?

I’ve added all my notes to the messages I’ve posted on my podcast page.

Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions? I’d love to hear if you did.

  2 comments for “The Resolution I’m Most Excited About & How it Will (Hopefully) Help You

  1. Cyndi
    January 4, 2016 at 9:08 am

    Neil, What a great gift! This can be a wonderful tool for someone developing their own lessons and especially someone who is learning HOW to develop lessons. Thank you for doing this.
    I recently have been able to access a recipe blog that I started back in ’07, and what you have been doing with this blog has inspired me to share that blog. It was originally just for me to have my recipes on the internet but in the vein of sharing, I am trying to make it more available to others. It can be hard to put yourself out there. My personal hesitancy is like you said, “I’m not saying they’re great. I’m not even saying they’re good.” My recipes and thoughts on them may not be great or even good but it’s work I’m doing, so I might as well make it available. Thanks for continually serving us!

    • Neil
      January 4, 2016 at 1:23 pm

      Thanks, Cyndi! I’m glad this came across that way. I was worried about seeming pretentious and didn’t want to convey that at all. I also had to let some insecurities go to share these. After all, what if someone doesn’t think my work is that good? Like I said, I had to let that go. I’m glad you’re sharing your recipes. I always loved your cooking. It was a way of loving and serving me, and others, that I probably didn’t fully appreciate at the time. Thanks for the encouragement, Cyndi!

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