These 3 Truths Help Me Find Peace in the Middle of Tragedy

I’ve faced my fair share of difficulty. Whether it’s losing a son, the death of a close friend, or working through a difficult ministry situation, I’ve had to find ways to be at peace. It’s not easy. In fact, it’s incredibly difficult.



When tragedy strikes, I’m amazed by how quickly some people start talking, interpreting what’s happened. I’m reminded of Job’s friends. They were good friends when they just sat there with Job. They weren’t such good friends when they started talking.

I want to be careful not to needlessly blabber. But, I do want to share three things that bring me peace in the middle of tragedy and heartache. I try not to wander too far from these during difficult times.

1. The world isn’t the way God intended it to be.  

When I start to think, “Where’s God,” when I start to doubt, I remind myself that the world isn’t the way God intended it to be. When God created the world, people lived in his presence, completely at peace. No trauma. No heartache. No tragedy.

All that was gone when sin entered the picture. Since the fall, things aren’t the way God intended them to be. This doesn’t explain away the question, “Why do bad things happen to good people?”

Let’s be clear, God could do something about the pain we see everyday. So, why does He allow it to happen? I’ll have to write about that another day.

But, it brings me peace to know that when God created the world the way He intended for it to be, it wasn’t chaotic and full of pain.

One of the incredible responsibilities we have as followers of Jesus is participating with God in the redemption and restoration of the world. Gabe Lyons calls people who embrace this mindset restorers. Simply put…

“Restorers seek to mend earth’s brokenness.” — Gabe Lyons

This gives me peace and purpose.

2. God knows what it’s like to suffer.  

When we suffer and pray, we aren’t talking to a God who doesn’t understand what it’s like to suffer. We’re talking to a God who has walked in our shoes. We’re talking to a God who “took on flesh” and suffered with us.

If anyone knows what it’s like to be mistreated, to face incredibly painful circumstances, it’s Jesus Christ.

When I’m suffering, when someone close to me is suffering, when anyone is suffering, God understands. There’s nothing we’ll experience in life that’s more painful than what Jesus experienced. He understands.

[bctt tweet=”There’s nothing we’ll experience in life that’s more painful than what Jesus experienced.”]

This gives me an incredible amount of peace.

3. Things won’t always be this way.  

In so many ways, the world is a terrible place. As a minister, I get a front row seat to many people’s pain and suffering. I often find it hard to watch the news because I hear so much bad news as a minister. Plain and simple, the world is messed up.

If I believed that things will always be this way, I’d lose hope. But, fortunately, I don’t. I manage to go through life with a lot of hope because I believe at some point God will make everything right again.

No matter how difficult today is, as a follower of Jesus, I know a better day is coming in the future.

Some day in the future, everything will be the way God intended it to be in the beginning.

This gives me peace.

These are three core truths I lean on. How do you find peace in the middle of tragedy? I’d really like to know.

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