Without Prayer There is No Power

I’ve always dreamed about being a part of a movement. I’ve heard it said before: “Every generation has a decision to make about the book of Acts. It’s either a picture of the church in it’s prime or a picture of what the church could be today.” I desperately want to believe Acts is a vision for what could be today.

courtesy pexels.com

courtesy pexels.com

I’ve often wondered: what does it take to start a movement? A lot of my reading over the next few months will be on this idea of movement. I started reading an intriguing book called “Firefall 2.0: How God has Shaped History Through Revivals” by Alvin Reid and Malcolm McDow. In it, they describe a movement leader…

Effective leaders are necessary for spiritual awakenings to have stability and enjoy longevity…Revival leaders who are used mightily of God have discernible qualities. They are servants of God who interpret the renewal to the people, organize to conserve results, and direct activities under the leadership of the Holy Spirit. The effective leader hears God’s voice when all other ears are deaf. He hears God’s call, is unwavering in his commitment, and has a seemingly unexplainable power with people. God has touched him, and God uses him to touch others. The burden of revival is upon him; there is “fire in his bones,” and he can do no other than to preach the message of renewal that God has laid upon his soul.

The revival leader has a keen awareness of the holiness of God and the sinfuIness of man. He is not a copy machine to reproduce ideas, but God’s spokesman to deliver God’s message. He is a human being who has encountered God, experienced brokenness, and is on a mission for God. He is often misunderstood and frequently criticized. Yet, he is not easily deterred, derailed, or discouraged. Indeed, the effective revival leader is marked by certain indispensable qualities that make him useful in God’s work.

The effective leader knows that prayer is the track upon which people move toward the Holy God and their heavenly home. He knows that without prayer there is no power.

In conclusion, the messenger chosen by God for leadership is an effective communicator with tireless energy who is committed both to Christ and to biblical theology. He makes himself available to God and exercises discipline to maintain his relationship with God. He is serious about his mission and would not trade his task for earth’s greatest treasures. The leader is an ordinary human being who experiences the extraordinary hand of God upon his life, receives a message from God, establishes a vision that transcends earthly horizons, jettisons complacent mediocrity, and commits his life to the divine task laid upon him by God. He can do no more, and he dares to do no less.

Look out for more quotes like this as the summer goes on.

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