Free: All of my Notes on the Gospel of Matthew

Sharing doesn’t come naturally to me. It’s almost like I’m hard wired to be selfish. I don’t think I’m alone. We don’t have to learn to be selfish, we come preprogrammed that way. For me, there’s one thing that has consistently made it hard to share.



When I’m not sharing, more than likely, it’s because I’m insecure. If I share an idea or a part of my life, you might not like it. You might critique it. You might not think it’s good enough. So, I don’t share at all. I keep the idea to myself. I keep certain aspects of my life to myself.

But, as a follower of Jesus, if I’m not sharing, I’m not making disciples.

Discipleship is Sharing.001

I don’t need to know it all. I just need to share what I know.

My life doesn’t need to be perfect. I just need to give people access to it.

I don’t need to do everything well. I just need to show others what I do. 

This is discipleship. I share what I know. I give people access to my life. I show them how I do what I do. That’s it. In order to get there, I had to push past the insecurity.

There are people who know more than me. There are people who are more godly than me. There are people who are more skilled than me in every way. But, it’s freeing to let that go. I just need to share what God has put in my hands.

So, I have some things I’d like to share. We just finished a school year long study on the gospel of Matthew. The series was called Vintage Faith. I’m sharing the whole thing with you.

Just fill out the form below to download everything (this will also subscribe you to my email newsletter if you aren’t already subscribed). The folder includes…

  • 30 messages from the book of Matthew. We covered the Sermon on the Mount (ch. 5-7) at our Fall Retreat so we didn’t cover it on Wednesday nights.
  • The Vintage Faith artwork
  • A list of the study materials we used

I want to give a big thank you to Caleb Harris, founder of Olive Tree, for designing the artwork. In my eyes, there’s no one better than him. He’s a godly guy with a heart for ministry. He’s also a good friend and a lot of fun to work with.

Also, I want to give credit to Cade Richards, CCSC Apprentice, for helping develop and teach through this series. 

I hope this is a blessing to you!

Disclaimer: I believe with all my heart that teaching should be spirit led. God teaches me and I share it. Teaching needs to flow out of my heart. I want these resources to be a blessing to you. But, I hope you’ll use them as a guide and not as a script. Allow God’s spirit to work through you as you teach. Allow God to speak out of the overflow of your heart. My hope is that these resources will help get the ball rolling for you.

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