Why it’s Time to Start New Churches in the U.S.

At CHRISTeens 2014, I got to have a conversation on stage with one of my favorite people, Scott Lambert. Scott is the Network Director for Kairos Church Planting and I love the work they’re doing.

Watch the Video

Key Takeaways

  • “God is always creating.”
  • “There’s a church planting movement growing in America again.”
  • Every church started
  • There was a great wave of church planting 100 plus years ago
  • America is a ripe mission field
  • There are more Churches of Christ in Africa than there are in America
  • “I’m going to call on you…to start having a vision for the whole world which includes your backyard.”
  • “What your seeing in church planting is an expression of God creating an exciting movement of people again in America.”
  • “It’s going to be your generation that will lead a great revival in America.”
  • People are asking questions about spiritual things
  • “We aren’t trying to steal people from other churches.”
  • Kairos has started over 30 churches since 2006
  • “God’s a creator, he loves everybody.”
  • “Do not leave this to the professionals. You can go places we can’t go.”
  • “I think God is going to use you to do great things in this century.”
  • “God’s not done. He’s going to use you.”
  • Young followers of Jesus are uniquely equipped and called to reach their peers.
  • Pray for the people you’re around each day.

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