I’m Giving Stuff Away

I’ve been in an intense learning season. As a result, I have some things I’d like to share. It’s more than that, really. I want to share everything God has put in my hands.

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I’ve had to challenge myself. Do I really believe it’s better to give than to receive? If I truly believed it, I’d be generous in every aspect of my life. I’d share more. This conviction drives everything this blog is about.

Everything I know, I know because someone taught me. 

Everything I have, I have because someone gave it to me.

I have become who I am because of the people who have taught me, trained me, and mentored me. 

Over and over again, I’ve been the recipient of someone else’s generosity.

It would be wrong for me to keep things to myself.

That’s why I want to share. I want to share ideas, resources, relationships, networks…when God puts something in my hands, I don’t want to hold it tightly. I want to remain open handed. When someone shares with me, I’ll share with you.

In this spirit, I have some resources I’d like to share. They may or may not be useful to you. Feel free to throw digital rotten tomatoes in the comments if you need to. But, these are resources we’ve developed in our campus ministry to provide direction and train leaders. I want to share them with you.

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2014-15 Ministry Plan

2014-15 Ministry Plan

Student Manual

Student Manual

Leader Manual

Leader Manual

The 2014-15 ministry plan is just what it sounds like, our campus ministry’s plan for ministry this school year. The leader manual and student manual documents include the training sessions we guide our leadership team through before the school year begins. It’s centered around leading a discipleship group. During the 12 weeks leading up to our leadership training week, we have each of our leaders work through the Real Life Discipleship Training Manual.

I hope these resources will be a blessing to you in some way. I also hope that you’ll ask yourself, “What has God put in my hands that I need to share?”

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