Turning Thirty

I turned thirty last November. I had been thinking about writing something profound on my thirtieth birthday, you know, share some important lesson I’ve learned. I even thought about something like, “Five Things I Learned in my Twenties.” But, five things never came to mind…just one thing.

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Despite my greatest efforts in ministry it always seems like God is shaping me through what I’m doing more than he’s shaping anyone else.

At times it seems like everything I’ve done in ministry has been so I can learn and grow. It’s like God has been knocking off the rough edges so I can reach a point where I’m usable. Trust me, there are plenty of rough edges that need to be knocked off. It’s like God has been working on me so eventually he’ll be able to work through me. I planned to write about this realization.

But, an interesting thing happened. Katie gave me a birthday present: a stack of twenty letters she asked some of my closest friends, mentors, and colleagues to write for my birthday. As I read them, I laughed and cried. It reminded me that in God’s grace and mercy, He uses us to bless other people with rough edges and all. I’ve learned that at any given time, when I make myself available…

God will use me AND shape me. 

The birthday letters were a nice reminder.

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  1. Carol Lee
    March 6, 2013 at 10:53 am

    Neil if you have any rough edges it is because you are a diamond in the rough and you still shine !

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