Why Social Media Matters

I know there are some people who think social media is a waste of time. And, frankly, the way some people use sites like twitter and Facebook, it can be a waste of time. But, I think it’s a mistake for leaders and churches to not take advantage of social media. We should use everything at our disposal to influence people. Here’s three reasons why social media matters…

  1. That’s where people are. This is simple. Leaders want to influence people. Churches want to influence people. The vast majority of Americans use social media (82% of 18-29 year olds use social media, 96% of Americans use Facebook, and 46 million people check Facebook daily). Therefore, leaders and churches should use social media.
  2. It’s a great way to influence people. Unfortunately, some leaders bemoan the fact that so many people use Facebook, twitter, YouTube, and other social media sites. But, it’s one of the realities of our culture. Often, culture isn’t good or bad…it just is what it is. Leaders engage culture and use it when they can to influence people. If 96% of Americans are on Facebook then it’s a mistake (a HUGE mistake) for churches and church leaders not to have a presence there. If Our goal is to influence people’s beliefs, actions, and attitudes then social media seems like a great tool to help us accomplish our goal.
  3. It’s FREE. Social media is the great equalizer for advertisement, marketing, and influence. It’s an equalizer because it’s almost all free. Anyone can have a Facebook account, a Facebook fan page, a twitter account, a blog, or a YouTube channel and it doesn’t cost anything. The irony is that many large companies include Facebook and twitter icons on their TV commercials. Why? Because that’s where people are, it’s an opportunity to influence them, and it costs them almost nothing. It would be foolish for them not to have a social media presence. Likewise, as leaders and organizations, it’s a mistake not to take advantage of all the free social media services that exist.

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