Dear Birthmother

If you knew you were going to say something to someone who was in the middle of a crisis, what would you say? If you had to write a letter to someone who’s in the process of making the most difficult decision of their life, what would you write? What would you want them to know about God?

I had a unique experience last week because I had to write a “Dear Birthmother” letter for our adoption. The agency we’re going through allows the birthmothers to pick the family that adopts their child. So, each family that adopts submits a family scrapbook that gives the birth moms a feel for what the adopting family is like. But each family also writes a letter that will be read by the birthmothers. It took me awhile to get started because I wanted to choose my words carefully realizing that they will be read by people who are desperately in need of grace, love, and hope. Seriously…how do you do that in a few sentences?

Eventually I finished the letter and we mailed everything in. We’re getting closer and closer. At some point we’ll get a call from the agency to go to Texas and meet the girl who’s carrying our child. What will we say then?

It’s definitely worth thinking about. What will you say if you ever encounter someone in the midst of a crisis? What would you want them to know about God? Words are powerful.

The words of the reckless pierce like swords, but the tongue of the wise brings healing. Proverbs 12:18

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  1. December 16, 2011 at 1:33 am

    Pray to God that the words which come through you be His words. Don’t get caught up in what YOU will say but let Him speak and the words will flow.
    I have recently, because of my work, been in more than one conversation that took my breath away. In one I felt a moment of panic. That was me trying to answer. I said a quick prayer and it got easier. I thought I had prepared for these conversations in my training but when you look reality in the eye things change. Words are powerful and I have never been eloquent in speach.
    “Be still and know” He is with you. Oh my friend, I know this is a long and slightly scary journey. Relax and let Him lead. His timing is not always moving at mach 4, sometimes it is very slow. I love Isaiah 40:11. Let Him gently guide you.

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