Community Garage Sale

Yesterday was a landmark day for the Reynolds’ family. Six months after we attended our adoption orientation, we finally mailed in all of the paperwork! It took us longer than we wanted it to but if feels good to have it done. Tomorrow we have another big adoption event…a community garage sale!

We have a small group of friends who regularly get together for dinner and communion. In an attempt to get rid of some of the things we all have and live simpler lives, we decided to have a community yard sale. Here’s the really cool part: each family is going to give us 10% of what they make to help fund our adoption. Plus, we’re going to take everything we make and deposit it into our adoption account.

As I think about tomorrow, two things come to mind: community and simplicity.

Life is not meant to be lived alone. I’ve always been blessed with great friends. I hate to imagine living life outside of a community of people who love each other and share their lives together.

I so desperately want to live a life that isn’t dependent upon things. I want to be content with a simple life where I am grateful and appreciative for the blessings God gives but not dependent upon them for my contentment and satisfaction with life. As always, I’m a work in progress.

If you live in Russellville and you’re interested in helping us with our adoption, come by the Neeley’s house on Erie Ave. tomorrow and buy some dish towels or old t-shirts or a toddler table with two chairs or some Clarks Wallabees (size 13) or some of my old dress pants…

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