Why Tuesdays Matter

It’s Tuesday. What makes today significant? Why do Tuesdays matter? The short answer is, “because of Mrs. Hall?”


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Mrs. Hall was my 8th grade English teacher. I loved having Mrs. Hall as a teacher. She was very kind and graceful, the kind of teacher that everyone likes. She was a short, petite lady with a thick southern draw.

There’s one particular interaction with her that I’ll never forget but she might not even remember. After grading one of my writing assignments Mrs. Hall told me, “When you write your first book, I want you to send me a copy.”

I can’t tell you how many times since then I’ve day dreamed about writing a book and dedicating it to her. Truthfully, even today, there’s a part of me that wants to write a book so I can send it to her and say, “I did it. You were right. I CAN do this after all.”

Am I writer? No.

Will I ever write a book? It’s doubtful.

Can I even write well? I don’t know.

The point is, Mrs. Hall saw in me something that I didn’t see in myself and she did something very powerful that day. She awakened possibilities in me that might never have been awakened had she never made that comment. Mrs. Hall saw something in me before I ever saw it in myself.

Everyone needs this.

If you’re an accountant, at some point, someone told you, “Hey, you’re good with numbers.”

If you’re a mechanic, someone told you, “You’re good with your hands.”

I specifically remember the first time someone told me I should consider going into ministry. That person did a powerful thing when they said those words to me just like the day Mrs. Hall told me she wanted a copy of my first book.

I have no idea what day of the week Mrs. Hall made that statement. It doesn’t really matter. It was a random day among countless days of going to school with dozens and dozens of teachers. Yet, it’s one of the most vivid memories I have of being a junior high student.

But, what if Mrs. Hall didn’t go to work that day? What if she went to work but didn’t really teach? What if she mailed it in or didn’t give it her best effort? She obviously had no idea that one sentence that day would be remembered by one of her students fourteen years later.

What about you?

If you’re a teacher, today might be the day you awaken new possibilities in one of your students.

If you’re in ministry, today might be the day you stumble upon just the right words to say in an upcoming teaching series that will forever alter the course of someone’s future.

Regardless of what phase of life you’re in, you most likely have important relationships. Today might be the day you say something someone never forgets. On the other hand, you might not do or say anything today that is remembered by anyone. But, you might.

And that’s why Tuesdays matter.

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  2 comments for “Why Tuesdays Matter

  1. carolhall53@gmail.com
    September 24, 2011 at 9:37 am

    Neil, I cannot express how surprised I was by this and how honored! God is definitely using you in many ways, but this touched me so much and I believe it was something God wanted me to know, too. He is working on me right now, too, more than normal.

    You are STILL a writer and have a way with words, and I think you have the ability to write a BOOK if you are led to. But God may want your writing to go in a different direction and use your writing to reach others. Just keep putting your thoughts down on paper or your blog!

    Thank you so much for writing this and sharing it with me. You have always been special to our whole family and will remain that way.

    Love you,
    Carol Hall

    • September 24, 2011 at 11:55 pm

      Hey, Mrs. Hall!
      Thanks for reading this! I’m glad to know this is something that came along at a good time. I’ve been waiting to put this in my book dedication but I couldn’t hold off any longer. Ha! In all seriousness, your words that day have had a profound impact on me. There are many days when I wonder if what I’m doing is having an impact on people. I’m sure everyone who works with people feels that way from time to time. But, I felt compelled to let you know that you had a huge impact on me, even when I didn’t realize it or couldn’t find the words to express it. It’s great to hear from you!


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