A New Adventure for the Reynolds Family

When I showed up at Arkansas Tech University as a freshman in 2001 I had no idea how campus ministry was going to impact my life. I found my faith in college. I also discovered a calling to ministry during my college years. In recent years, I’ve written about the incredible need for reaching college students. I even released an… Read more →

5 Important Things New Ministers Need to Know

Several weeks ago, Jim Martin asked me an interesting question. He asked me to write five things new ministers need to know. I want to share what I told him. I was prepared well for ministry. I had close friends and mentors to lean on. I did a ministry apprenticeship before leading a ministry. I even had graduate level education… Read more →

I Need Your Help

My new eBook, The Need for College Ministry: Awakening the Church to One of the Most Receptive Mission Fields in the World, released a week ago today. I’m humbled and honored that many of you have bought it. Thank you! There’s an incredible need for college ministry, especially in my tribe, the Churches of Christ. I can’t think of a more… Read more →

Wanna Reach Millennials? Reach the Campus

Collegiate Collective was gracious enough to post an excerpt of my new eBook, The Need for Campus Ministry: Awakening the Church to One of the Most Receptive Mission Fields in the World, on their site this week. I gave Collegiate Collective readers a special discount as well. You can read the article and get the discount HERE. Read more →

One Thing I’m Incredibly Thankful For

There are many things I’m thankful for. I won’t try to list them all. But, there’s one thing I’m incredibly thankful for that I don’t often stop to reflect on. I love being around other leaders. God has blessed me with many friends in ministry that I admire and respect. I’m incredibly thankful for these relationships. I’ve been reflecting on… Read more →

One Thing You Can’t Forget When Making Disciples

This year is off to a frenetic start. My schedule feels packed every day. I can’t wait to share my new eBook with you! But, getting it ready to launch has kept me maxed out. Through the process, I’ve been reminded of something important. It’s frustrating when you have a heart to make disciples but too many things are vying… Read more →

One Sure Sign Your Church Isn’t Ready to Reach College Students

My goal for this blog is to help you maximize your disciple-making impact. One way you can do that is by focusing your ministry efforts on the university campus. There’s no context with more potential for high impact and transformation. In all honesty, college campuses present unique challenges… They’re often the most progressive pockets of culture within the broader U.S.… Read more →

Top 5 Posts of 2016

Happy New Year, everyone! These were the posts you read most in 2016… The Gigantic Hole in our Worship Why is Campus Ministry So Weak in the Churches of Christ? 6 Reasons Warning: These 3 Things Disqualify You from Following Jesus Two Statements You Won’t Find in the New Testament 3 Reasons College Students Walk Away from Faith I look… Read more →

Merry Christmas & A Big Announcement

Merry Christmas from the Reynolds’! I hope the next few weeks are filled with lots of family time and great memories. Thank you for reading my blog! It looks like 2017 is going to be a great year. I’m releasing an eBook called The Need for College Ministry: Awakening the Church to One of the Most Receptive Mission Fields in… Read more →

One Big Takeaway from the 2016 Election

I know what you’re thinking: “Not another article about the election!” My Facebook news feed has been full of them. I’ll relieve you now. This isn’t a political article. It’s an article about being a missionary. I’ve written before that the church needs to shift the way it thinks in order to thrive in the 21st Century. We need to… Read more →

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